Professional financial structures for mature companies

Grownups also have challenges in finance

Even if basic structures in finance should already be in place after successfully experiencing the first stages of growth and financing, the subsequent development stages in the Scaleup or Grownup bring new challenges in the area of finance.

These challenges often consist in expanding the informative value of controlling to improve corporate management, but also in connecting additional sources of information (for example, from the area of business intelligence).

Often, the developments experienced and the associated stresses and strains also leave their mark on Finance. Finance personnel with senior positions and a significant internal knowledge base leave the company at short notice, putting the stability of the finance department at risk.

Experience shows that as the number of "rounds" increases, additional needs arise in the preparation of financing rounds or an exit, and thus a personal need for mentoring on the part of the founders.

Typical challenges of Grownups in the financial sector

  • Improvement and expansion of controlling and reporting structures
  • Establishment of financial business intelligence
  • Comprehensive preparation of financing rounds or an exit
  • CFO or Head of Finance has left the company abruptly and no adequate replacement is available at short notice

Our solution is:

Financial Empowering Advanced

Support for the connection of further information sources using our network partners


Set-up of data rooms and support for
Q&A sessions


Support for post-merger integrations


Interim takeover of the finance functions with the aim of transferring the ongoing processes back to the organization in the medium term


Which services do we offer for Grownups?

Management Mentoring

  • Sparring partner for CEO & management team
  • Uncovering of "blind spots"
  • Preparation of financing rounds and exit plans
  • investor relations
  • Network access to other experts

Interim Support

  • Assessing staffing needs and support in filing vacant positions
  • Interim takeover of the positions to be filled with adequate staff
  • Support in recruiting and personnel selection
  • Interim support at short-notice to ensure business continuity
  • Handing over of the area to the appropriate new staffing

What our customers say about us

CoCo Finance provided us with intensive consulting and operational support during the restructuring of various finance processes. The team did an excellent job

CoCo Finance is uncomfortable - in the best sense. With the right questions and tremendous commitment, we were offered a realistic outside assessment. This is how 'normal consultants' became trusted advisors to management.

The situation in a Startup or in a "grown-up Startup", as in our case, is in many respects not comparable with the conditions in a larger corporation. This also applies to the financial area, which results in special requirements for external consultants. For me, CoCo has excelled in combining technical expertise and Startup aptitude in an excellent way. We have had very good experiences both on a project basis and for interim activities.

Christoph Kruse

Founder & Managing Director bookingkit

Henrike Luszick

Founder & CEO Bridgemaker

Julian von Eckartsberg

CEO Stylight

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